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Learn More Join the network!

Get Started: Our Methodology

The Alley To The Valley methodology begins with what it is that you ultimately want to achieve in your professional life. Once you have clarity in your goal, then it is about engaging with the Alley To The Valley community — online and in-person summits — to help you reach that goal through the contacts of the network, knowledge and resources and actively engaging in your asks and offers.


Alley to the Valley (A2V) is a network that actively facilitates advancement among highly accomplished women. Utilizing our proprietary interaction and deal-making methodology, women are empowered to move each other, themselves and their organizations to achieve next-level goals, such as:

  • Raising capital;
  • Securing a strategic partner or trusted business advisor;
  • Implementing an exit strategy;
  • Obtaining a corporate board seat;
  • Accessing client/ business development connections;
  • Securing a literary or speaking agent; and
  • Among other opportunities.