Alley to the Valley® is a community of the world’s most influential women in entrepreneurship, venture capital and angel investing,corporate, law, accounting, management consulting, literary and speaking and literary agencies, media, among other accomplished women.Our primary focus is to see the world’s leading female talent network through the following venues:

1) Alley to the Valley® Summits – bringing together fifty female powerbrokers in venture capital, entrepreneurship, finance, government, law, academia, media, non-profit, healthcare, and other industry leading women who want more.Summit events are designed with one sole purpose…to bring attendees’ businesses to the next level; and

2)The Alley to the Valley® online community builds upon these relationships and fosters increased goal-setting,dealmaking, mentoring, introductions, boot camps, “how- to” videos and more in a members-only environment.

Read about Deborah Perry Piscione in a Stanford Graduate School of Business Case Study.


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Deborah Perry Piscione
creator of Alley to the Valley

At our inaugural summit in Silicon Valley on November 12, 2010, fifty of the most recognizable women from the east and west coast came together under one roof to discuss entrepreneurial success stories, challenges, needs, and next steps. We discussed how we could benefit each other by networking with other like-minded women, how investors could help mentor entrepreneurs and build the “golf course” where deals could be realized. Out of the summit – bridges were built and strengthened – and along came deal-flow and deal-making that continues on today.

In-between our summits, we hope that you’ll find the AlleytotheValley.com online community an indispensable resource in your professional lives. Whether you are looking for an angel, VC or private equity, another investor who can serve as a sounding board, an investment banker who specializes in your industry, or a great board candidate, you’ll get answers to your questions from the smartest women in the corporate and entrepreneurial worlds. Together, we can build the largest network of impactful women in the world.