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Get Stuff Done (GSD) What’s YOUR 30?

Moving ahead requires that you take one action at a time. Sometimes we stall because what we think is an action feels too big, too time consuming and too overwhelming to take. Most often, what you think needs to be done is really an amalgamation of a lot of smaller actions—these lessor tasks, (even going to the post office to get stamps) are DOable.

Here is the A2V system to move ahead: Create a list of 30 activities—each activity should have a beginning (getting it started), middle (working on it) and end (you are finished). If you find yourself feeling overwhelmed while you are writing the action down, split the activity into several components, maybe pieces that you can do in 30 minutes. If you find yourself saying, “no, I don’t want to do this!” Ask yourself: “What can I say ‘yes’ to.” Keep in mind that every activity, no matter how small (and sometimes uncomfortable) leads you to your special, important goal. With your list in mind, assign one DOable task to each day of the month—that’s YOUR 30. In the months where there are 31 days, you get to take the extra day off and in February, you are going to have to double up. If you are motivated, do several of your tasks in one day. If you know you will not be able to “work” one day, you can certainly do a few actions in one day. Most important is to get traction, move toward what is very important to you.

Celebrate your momentum at the end of each month. The A2V network will celebrate with you! We will also give you ideas about activities and what to do when you feel stuck.

Expand your concept about actions: here are some ideas to consider. Some of these you might not have thought about before, yet they are essential to GSD!

  • Putting together a plan
  • Researching
  • Making a list of people to talk to
  • Getting feedback about your idea
  • Talking to a coach/advisor
  • Thinking, imagining, visualizing
  • Writing about your goal
  • Implementing, executing, doing one piece at a time

As you put your tasks together with the resources you need to succeed you may find that you don’t know something you need to know, or would like to speak with someone who you have never met. Post ASKS to the A2V

Network When women work together, help each other, give to each other getting stuff done is possible. Post your ASKS and don’t forget to OFFER to others.