Hosting an Alley to the Valley

Over the years we have partnered with firms such as Accenture and the law firm of Skadden Arps to host our day-long summits, which provide organizations an opportunity to strongly demonstrate their commitment to promoting women’s leadership as well as the chance to build relationships with and enhance their brand among high-achieving women.

What is Required to host:


a) At least 1,500 square feet, large enough that 50 people can sit in a U-shape with conferences tables for the main space; and
b) ideally two breakout rooms where four or eight tops (at least 12 four tops and/or 6 eight tops for deal-making sessions.


Two hand-held microphones, projector and screen for general session; and optional iPads at each seat for general session.


Breakfast, breakout nutritional breaks (2), lunch and evening reception;


Programs, table tents, name tags, deal-making headers (6)


Easels with flip charts (6), yellow and blue Post-its (2×3”) about 300 in total (equal amounts)


For attendees (free) or suggested parking areas nearby.


Close to hotels, restaurants and transportation.

Underwriting Costs:

Each A2V Summit requires corporate underwriting of $25K, in addition to in-kind space contributions. Underwriting can be provided by a single organization or several organizations joining together.

What We Can Offer You at the Summit:

1.One speaking opportunity;

2.Space for up to two people from your organization;

3.Opportunity to invite important clients at discounted rate; and

4.One pre-summit coaching meeting for each of your attendees.

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