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Eyeing the Boardroom? Directors Tell All – Tuesday, April 12, 2016 in Silicon Valley
Make Progress on that Board of Directors Ask!
Many of you come to A2V with an ask for your first public or private board seat. I'm pleased to share with you an invitation to learn more about securing that seat through my law firm, Latham & Watkins LLP. On April 12, 2016, our Silicon Valley Office will host: Eyeing the Boardroom? Directors Tell All! The Program is a great opportunity to network with current board members and learn more about getting that first board position. More information is below. Please contact Taylor Engelson ( or 213-891-8367) for more information and to register. Program: Latham & Watkins' Women Enriching Business (WEB) invites you to join us for lunch followed by a panel discussion with directors who will share their insider perspectives of the corporate boardroom, how they got there, and recommendations for those who want to position themselves for the boardroom. Topics Include: Business rationale for diversity in the boardroom and the impact of diverse voices Necessity for increasing the pipeline of female directors Filling a board seat – qualifications and characteristics companies look for in board candidates, and the search process Preparation for the boardroom and what to expect Speakers: Amal Johnson, Director, Mellanox Technologies, Intuitive Surgical, CalAmp… Continue Reading
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Associate, Latham & Watkins LLP
Many women come to A2V with an interest in joining a Board of Directors. Here's one way to take another step toward that goal: On April 12, 2016, Latham & Watkins LLP will host an event in Silicon Valley for men and women who are interested in joining boards. We would love to see you there for the opportunity to network with current board members and, hopefully, to help you meet one of your asks! Continue Reading
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Women Entrepreneurs Share the Truth About Work-Life Balance
The truth of balance for female entrepreneurs
Whether it's for the flexibility, a result of corporate burnout, or to leave a legacy, women are starting businesses in record numbers. For many female entrepreneurs and small-business owners, the endless task of building a business mixed with family demands and community involvement leads to a bit of overwhelm, but through delegation, women are utilizing tools and resources to create life balance while making their entrepreneurial dreams a reality. The truth of balance for female entrepreneurs is that it's never easy, and sometimes balance is impossible. You'll have days when work has you up early and late in the same day, when you eat on the run (if at all) and wish you could get more than four hours of sleep. Gayle Goodman, executive vice president and partner, ExperiPro LLC, finds balance in making sure she keeps a very, very accurate calendar and plans all activities as much in advance as possible, with "air" in between each. "Meetings run long. The carpool line is sometimes out of control. You get flat tires. You cannot book yourself so solid that you are running from place to place. When you are late to a single location, it becomes a domino effect for… Continue Reading
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We all have dreams; many women don’t have the courage to state them out loud and turn them into reality. Others declare them but don’t know how to move forward even though they have ideas and aspirations. The special thing about the A2V network is that we are all in this together—you are a part of this network because of your commitment to help each other GSD—Get Stuff Done. It all starts with a clear WHAT, what is your vision? Knowing succinctly what you want to create and/or what you see as your next steps guides you, allows you to gather the resources you need and provides the fodder for a step by step action plan. Consider the following to craft a WHAT that has the highest likelihood of leading you to what you want: Describe it specific terms—so specific that anyone you tell will get a crystal clear image of it in their mind. Tell people about it. The more you talk about it the more committed you will become to doing what needs to do to make it happen. Talking about it boldly is an indicator that you are ready to move forward. Listen to challenges about the… Continue Reading
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Get Stuff Done (GSD) What’s YOUR 30?
Moving ahead requires that you take one action at a time. Sometimes we stall because what we think is an action feels too big, too time consuming and too overwhelming to take. Most often, what you think needs to be done is really an amalgamation of a lot of smaller actions—these lessor tasks, (even going to the post office to get stamps) are DOable. Here is the A2V system to move ahead: Create a list of 30 activities—each activity should have a beginning (getting it started), middle (working on it) and end (you are finished). If you find yourself feeling overwhelmed while you are writing the action down, split the activity into several components, maybe pieces that you can do in 30 minutes. If you find yourself saying, “no, I don’t want to do this!” Ask yourself: “What can I say ‘yes’ to.” Keep in mind that every activity, no matter how small (and sometimes uncomfortable) leads you to your special, important goal. With your list in mind, assign one DOable task to each day of the month—that’s YOUR 30. In the months where there are 31 days, you get to take the extra day off and in February, you… Continue Reading