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Get Stuff Done (GSD) What’s YOUR 30?
Moving ahead requires that you take one action at a time. Sometimes we stall because what we think is an action feels too big, too time consuming and too overwhelming to take. Most often, what you think needs to be done is really an amalgamation of a lot of smaller actions—these lessor tasks, (even going to the post office to get stamps) are DOable. Here is the A2V system to move ahead: Create a list of 30 activities—each activity should have a beginning (getting it started), middle (working on it) and end (you are finished). If you find yourself feeling overwhelmed while you are writing the action down, split the activity into several components, maybe pieces that you can do in 30 minutes. If you find yourself saying, “no, I don’t want to do this!” Ask yourself: “What can I say ‘yes’ to.” Keep in mind that every activity, no matter how small (and sometimes uncomfortable) leads you to your special, important goal. With your list in mind, assign one DOable task to each day of the month—that’s YOUR 30. In the months where there are 31 days, you get to take the extra day off and in February, you… Continue Reading
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Before getting started with any goal it is important to know what you will need to succeed. Thing broadly and thoroughly. Here are 5 key categories for you to consider: Ideas: Input from others about ways to move forward (obtain funding, position yourself for success, create a buzz about you/your product) Introductions: Who are people who will help you succeed (decision makers, clients, accountants, lawyers) Resources: The stuff that will allow you to succeed: resumes, website, products, books Information: Places to learn how to do something (create a website, come across with authority, track finances, write a compelling social media piece) Support: Advancing is easier with people on your side. Put together a support team. (lawyers, accountants, trusted advisors, friends, consultants, coach) Ask people in the A2V network to help you become resource-full. Continue Reading
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Creating a Blueprint for Success
The excitement of an idea typically propels us into action. But WAIT. Many people fail to get what they want because they took action prematurely—without a plan. If you are an entrepreneur at some point soon you will need a formal business plan. If you are inside an organization and want to advance, an individual looking to expand your current business, or have a new goal of any kind it is essential that you take the time to think about how to get from where you are now to where you want to go. Create a Blueprint for Success. A Blueprint contains your thinking about key elements that will guide future smart actions. Planning action, prior to action, keeps you clear and directed and makes sure that you have proactively considered all that must be done. No matter how tempted you are, don’t take action before having a blueprint—doing so may inadvertently take you down an unproductive path. Here are some categories to include in your Blueprint, choose the ones that are most relevant to what you want to accomplish: Mission and Purpose (the importance of your goal to you) Value Proposition (how will you attaining your goal benefit others;… Continue Reading
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Looking For Distribution For Olive Oil Company!
Sensual Olive is currently looking for help with distribution into specialty food stores and wineries. We are a northern California olive oil company that has some unique and delicious products and our Skinny Dipping Kit which is flying out the doors (well.. website) for Christmas gifts! Please visit us on Facebook and at Continue Reading
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Web Design and Development Companies
We are actively searching for a web design and development firm to help us launch an online community for women. We are self-funding the launch so the design firm should reflect that. We have had several conversations with larger firms (Code and Theory, Wonderfactory) and individual graphic designers. We would like something in the middle. if you know of anyone please contact me directly. Thanks, meridith Continue Reading