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We all have dreams; many women don’t have the courage to state them out loud and turn them into reality. Others declare them but don’t know how to move forward even though they have ideas and aspirations. The special thing about the A2V network is that we are all in this together—you are a part of this network because of your commitment to help each other GSD—Get Stuff Done.

It all starts with a clear WHAT, what is your vision? Knowing succinctly what you want to create and/or what you see as your next steps guides you, allows you to gather the resources you need and provides the fodder for a step by step action plan. Consider the following to craft a WHAT that has the highest likelihood of leading you to what you want:

  • Describe it specific terms—so specific that anyone you tell will get a crystal clear image of it in their mind.
  • Tell people about it. The more you talk about it the more committed you will become to doing what needs to do to make it happen. Talking about it boldly is an indicator that you are ready to move forward.
  • Listen to challenges about the viability of your next steps. You may discover ways to pursue what you want that had never occurred to you. Keep in mind that goals can take many different forms whether you aspire to attain a new position, become a member of a board or begin a business. The more possibilities you develop the more resilient you are in the face of disappointment and frustrations.
  • Post your WHAT on the A2V Discussion Board to receive lots of input. Welcome it; use it; integrate it. Remember, pursuing goals involve dedication and grit. Passion alone do not make things happen. Imagine input make you stronger.
  • Write it down. Research indicates that ideas that are written down have the highest likelihood of coming to fruition.
  • Live with it. You’re going to be excited, you’re going to want to get moving. Take one week. Imagine the idea happening. Picture yourself engaged with your concept day in and day out. If your excitement grows, go for it. If you feel hesitations, ask yourself what concerns are coming up. If its fear that you can’t do it, let the A2V network know; we will encourage you. If you have identified some potential roadblocks, pay attention, make changes and/or ask for input.

Ready? Let’s GSD! (get stuff done)