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Name: Laura Lee M Norris, Board Member
Category: Angel investment (ask)
Description: VOZ is a US based contemporary fashion label that celebrates indigenous artisans and their cultures, beginning with the Mapuche people of Chile. VOZ has piloted an open... Details
Name: D. G, Lennix
Category: Angel investment (ask)
Description: Growing senior living referral services seeks investment to finance business development and growth. This rapidly growing industry will follow the expansion of the retiring... Details
Name: Jill Stone, Senior Director Global Accts
Category: Other
Description: I help organizations sleep around. Really I do! I am a hotel rooms broker, offering hotel site selection assistance to various organizations (associations, corporations,... Details
Name: Penny Mavridis Sales, Principal
Category: Accountant
Description: Offering international and US tax expertise on forming and growing your business. ... Details
Name: Michelle Madhok, Founder
Category: Candidates (ask)
Description: Seeking to hire an email acquisition expert.... Details
Name: Michelle Madhok, Founder
Category: Technical support
Description: Offering expertise in building internet company.... Details

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Michele Woodward Entrepreneur and Founder of the Enlightened Executive Institute

While studying in the quiet mountains of Virginia, Michele couldn't have guessed that one day she'd be working in the White House.
     And when she began working at the Miller Brewing Company she couldn't know her top-notch organizational skills would take her to Washington, DC and beyond. But Michele lives what she teaches, coaches, and writes: By standing in our unique power we find the resilience to manage life's surprises and the strength to take---and make---our best opportunities... Read More